Get data from Excel file (CSV)


How can I modify some properties of a Mill machine using an Excel file (or CSV)?

I thought of changing the Python Script of the component and taking the data from the external file, but I can not get to extract the data. Probably because my skills on Pyhton API are not that good. If anyone has had this issue and resolved it, please let me know how is the best solution. Thanks in advance.


I want to know this too


I used xlrd, xlwt libraries to model these examples below.

Property Updater

Resource Manager

Scenario Manager

Also these are the sources i used a lot while programing those AddOns:

and ofcourse stackoverflow…

Hi Ozan,
I was revisiting this post because now I need to modify Excel files instead of csv files now. I encountered a problem because apparently there is no xlwt module installed on the VC libraries files. I tried going looking for it to add it to the folder “site-packages” but I’ve had no success. Do you know where can I get the package files?
By the way, impressive work with those Add-ons they seem really helpful and a great tool. Congrats!

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Same here, trying to create a report with a template based Excel File. I tried to copy the openpyxl module into the environment, but every time I try to copy a module to VC environment it throws weird syntax errors and does not allow me to import the module.

Hope this brings back to life this thread, if there any life left on it…

Visual Components 4.4 release notes state that this version includes three new python modules: xlwt, openpyxl, xlswriter

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