Get attached component

Hello everyone, I am new here, thanks VC on this forum I learned a lot. This is my problem:

The robot drop this component (part) in the clamp. And as I see it, this part is now a attached at the clamp. Now I want the moment when the signal “ready” is activated to enter in properties of this part and change the physics (to simulate cutting). But I don’t know how to access to this specific component.
this is my code what I have for now:

from vcScript import *

app = getApplication()
sim = app.Simulation
comp = getComponent()

#---------------------- WRONG ---------------------
physJoint_1 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_1")
physEntity_1 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_1") 
physJoint_2 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_2")
physEntity_2 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_2") 
physJoint_3 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_3")
physEntity_3 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_3") 
physJoint_4 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_4")
physEntity_4 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_4") 
physJoint_5 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_5")
physEntity_5 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_5") 
physJoint_6 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsJointD6_6")
physEntity_6 = comp.findBehaviour("PhysicsEntity_6") 

ready = comp.getBehaviour("BooleanSignal")
def OnSignal( signal ): 
  if (signal.Name == 'BooleanSignal'):
    if signal.Value:

def OnRun():

# "break" all the joints and activate #In Physics
# knife cutting simulation: the blue boxes fall down 
# and the yellow head part remains.
def do_physics_stuff():
    type_ = physEntity_1.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0
    type_ = physEntity_2.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0
    type_ = physEntity_3.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0
    type_ = physEntity_4.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0
    type_ = physEntity_5.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0
    type_ = physEntity_6.getProperty('Physics Type')
    type_ .Value = 0   
  except: print 'problem!!!'

thanks in advance!

Attached components become part of the vcNode tree structure of the parent component.
Actually, the whole simulation world has a single vcNode tree structure, with a world node as a root.

Dynamic components (those created during simulation) are usually also in some container behavior, so you can find them easier through that API.