Generation of an infinite loop for trays with targeted approach of individual stations

In my layout (see picture) I want trays to circulate in an infinite loop in the inner circle of the layout until I request a tray at one of the stations (8 exits) or better request a specific tray and leave the inner circle at the selected station. There an assembly is then carried out, the product is placed on the tray and the tray is supposed to rejoin the inner circle and then either continue to circulate or exit at another selected station.

Does anyone have a good idea to solve my problem? I would be infinitely grateful.

Kind Regards!
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I would recommend using “conveyors library” to create your path and
use “works process”/“process modeling” for initial feed and assembly stations.

Or you can model your cad data as it should work.
Both should be fine…

Hello ozan, thank you for your suggestion.

I have already created the path/ layout.
My concrete problem lies in the process modeling. I don’t know how to implement that the trays circulate infinitely in the inner circle. Then I would like to be able to switch the branches in a controlled way to let a special tray move out at a station.
However, sometimes not all stations are to be approached. So sometimes I want to have the possibility to extend a tray only at two stations. All other trays should continue to circulate in the inner circle. After a tray is then extended at the designated stations I would like to have it extend on the outer ring. The product is then removed from the tray there. Then the tray should reinsert itself into the inner circle. After that it should be possible to extend it at other stations.
So the requirement at a station is not tray bound. It is not always the same trays at the same stations.

So about a switch control that switches the branching or whether you can give the tray properties on which a branching reacts. I see no way to implement this with the standard settings of the conveyor.

In my current layout with the standard conveyor settings the trays drive once through each station. But in a static behaviour. Unfortunately, I lack the expertise to implement this via a python script, which is the closest thing that came to mind. Or am I missing something in the default settings for conveyors?

I hope to be able to explain my problem and hope not to have overlooked any existing solutions in my research. I am unfortunately still a beginner in using Visual Components.

Kind regards

Hi Finn
I would recommend to work your scenarios seperately to make it easier for you to configure.
But if you wanna work as you explained you can change ProdID’s of the components rigth before your entrance of the station then you can send any part to the station.
Basicly main idea is adding a works process or PM component right before your station then change components properties to enter your station.
Hope this gives you some ideas.

Hi ozan,
thanks for your suggestions, they helped me I think. I tried out an example with the PM (see pictures). I create my own product with the feeder, for which I have assigned a “ProdID” as a property with the value 0. Then I want to change the property “ProdID” of my product via a “Process Node #1”. With the next “Process Node #2” I would like to use an If loop that queries the ProdID. If ID = 1, the workpiece should then move to “Process Node #3” if ID does not equal 1 to “Process Node #4”.

Does this generally correspond to your suggestions for now?

Unfortunately, I have a problem changing the product ID.

Figure 1 shows that my product has the property ProdID with the value 0.

Picture 2 shows the process flow in “Process Node #1” for changing the ID.

Picture 3 shows that the ProdID in the part on the conveyor has not changed.

However, in picture 4 you can see that the ProdID of my product that serves as a template for the feeder has changed.

Can you please tell me where my mistake is and if you think my approach is good for solving my problem?

Many thanks and best regards Finn

Hi Finn
I think you should GetProperty from ProductIn not from your template component.

Also use that ProdID variable to control which parts are gonna be entering the stations via RoutingRule behaviours.

Then you should be done i guess with the logic, all left is to create your conveyor design after that.

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Hi @Finn

Changing the ProdID of a product with a process is not as straightforward as one would hope.
Instead of using a process node to change the ProdID, I recommend going to eCatalog, and using the component called ‘Property Setter’ or ‘Property Setting Point’, depending on your software version.

This component can be attached to a conveyor, and in the note you can specify how to set the different properties of the passing items.

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Hi @Este, @ozan,
it works fine with the property setter and routing rules. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I’ve been looking in the wrong direction for solutions all this time.

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