Functions in detail

Where can i find what each function do in details? Like extract link or extract component.

I know that many of them, you can hover over it but some cannot. I wonder if there is any document we can read through or search through to understand them in details?


Help file has some documentation exposed (on both dotnet and python API) while the executable installation folder ~/Program Files/Visual Components/Visual Components /Python/Commands has exposed some direct implementations of certain features in the software

If it is not exposed on either of these (help file or installation folder) then you can assume that it is part of the source code.


I refer more to the Move, Interact, Hierarchy, Selected buttons(function) do. Not programming function.

All of above function do have description when you hover your mouse above it but some does not. So i wonder if there is document that we can read about all VS software fucntion?


I think the closest one might be this one then?

Not quite sure why some of the features have a tooltip upon mouse hover while others do not.