Flow sequence lost error in the middle of a palletization

Hi everyone!

I am trying to build this assembly with the KUKA robot in process modeling, where I have a pallet, one cardboard (yellow) on top of it, 7 boxes and a second cardboard on top of the boxes:

I manage to get the pallet, the first cardboard (yellow) and the first box, but when the second box arrives the following error text appears and cannot find why:

If anyone could sujest any solutions it would be much appreciated.

Here is the file i am working on:
B3800 WIP.vcmx (2.8 MB)


You are in the while loop, the value of your product variable ProductIn is not automatically reset after the transport output, that’s why you need to do it in the loop with assign-statement like this in the picture:

As you can see it in the picture, it works :blush:

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Thanks mate :grin:, helped me a lot!