Flow Sequence Error

I am trying to simulate a process however, i have run into an issue and an error appears saying “Feeder Process::ProcessExecutor__HIDE__::Feeder::Transport Out error: Product’s KitPallet state within its flow sequence is lost.” Anyone any ideas on why this is happening?

You are doing something unorthodox or unexpected to the product instance which loses the information in which flow step it is supposed to be in, and thus it is ambiguous which process is can go next.

If you must do whatever you are doing, it is possible to reset / fix that information by using a combination of Get Flow Step and Set Next Flow Step statements.

thanks for the reply TSy, got it sorted the issue was the assemblies made were in the wrong flow group, both the assemblies were in the same flow group after the change it worked.

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Untitled1.vcmx (1.5 MB)

  • I have the same problem. Can you help me fix it

Hey @tompetthsfdshfhshshs Your product variable names seem to be the issue i changed 2 in the first node and have been recieving errors which are a result of the next step in the node
changing the product variables from pallet to your Assembly name, try this and see if you resolve the issue if not let me know and i shall have another look

regards Denryan

i tried it but This mistake still exists

I have another look, what is listP referring to??

Assembly of the last product as a listP

Hi, same as the answer before, the product loses the information about where it is in the flow sequence, so you can use the statements GetFlowStep, FindFlowStep and SetNextFlowStep to define where it should go next.
As you have a list of products, you can use Product’s Flow Sequence end with the GetFlowStep statement to get directly the last Step, or if you want to add more steps after, you could use Product’s Flow Sequence start and then FindFlowStep with an offset to select the Process #2 (where the list of products goes).
Don’t forget to set it as next step with the statement SetNextFlowStep.

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thank you very much, It worked properly