Flow group priority

Hello, is there any way to prioritize the completion of flow group 1 first before any other flow groups? It is fine for the simulation to start with the another flow group while part is in the Parametric 5-axis Lathe in flow group 1, but I want flow group 1 to be completed first.

How do I ensure the flow groups are started in order starting from flow group 1 then 2 then 3 …

You need to implement priority handling with your own logic. For example, you could add signals that prevent other flows from activating until flow 1 is finished.

Thanks for replying! Is there a video that shows me how to do this, also is it possible to allow another flow group to begin only once component has been delivered from feeder to parametric 5-axis lathe instead of waiting for flow 1 to finish?

validation test 1.vcmx (525.4 KB)
This is the file I am using by the way.

You could try to use the transport priority: Transport and Work Priority | Visual Components Academy but to define more precisely a priority, it would be better to use signals (with the process statements Wait and Send Signals).
You can have a look in the eCat β†’ Layout Templates β†’ Process Syncronization. It’s a layout showing 2 different methods to make the process wait on each other

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