Flow conditions

Hello to all good people, I’m still struggling with the material flow in my scenario, so I’d appreciate your help /advice.

I have eight truck places (on picture are not all of them) where comes truck randomly. Before the truck comes, the right amount of products are generated in feeder “Storage” They can travel through any free “Process 1” but then I need to collect them on one buffer place. And once are there all from the generated batch, they must go into that one truck who comes in advance and is waiting for whole batch.

Parts from “Process 1” to Buffer should be transported by AGV. And from buffer to truck by forklift.

Any idea how to control the flow?

I can imagine it could be some setting where the first batch goes to the first buffer, second to second and so on. And then I need somehow assign one forklift to one buffer to transport all the product to one truck.

You could use global variables to control which buffer gets filled at a time. Monitor the condition with the PropertyCondition statement.
Then use assemblies to order the necessary parts to that buffer.
Finally, assign transport controllers and resources to handle the right transport tasks.

I made a simple example in VC 4.5. Hope it helps.
Condition_PM.vcmx (6.9 MB)