Floating license server not working anymore


I have been provided with an IP address together with a server port which I used to activate Visual Components Premium 4.3 after installation. The activation was successful and I have been using the software for some time. Today I got an “error” while using VC (I don’t recall what the error said but it counted down from 5 minutes and closed the program). When I re-opened the program I had to activate the software again (as I did when I installed it) but I get the following error:

“Network server connection was established but requested features are not matched”

I can’t find any similar problems online, so I figured I could try here.

Hi @TBh

Please contact the official technical support at support@visualcomponents.com if you are having trouble with the license server.

How yon did solve this problem?

Hi there,

Have did you fix the problem?

Was there ever a solution found? I am having a similar issue

Was the solution ever found?