"Floating" boxes

Hello. There was designed a gripper and attached to UR10. The program for taking boxes is written automatically, because DoubleSensorConveyor (two) and PickAndPlaceController objects are used, connected by interfaces from “Pick and Place” section
Also Tool 1 is configured , which is located in Advanced -> ToolIndex in PickAndPlaceController component
After gripping, the box is “floating” over the gripper, how to fix it? Thank you.

Here is video representing that process

example.mp4 (1.09 MB)

I think I have seen thisbefore. Easier to fix if you attach the layout.

In the UR 10 robot, did you move its first tool frame to the desired location?

When i have selected Node as “mountplate” In Tool properties a Pick and Place process became normal. It seems like i have some issues in my gripper’s geometry. Thank you