Flight paths Study


Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to carry out flight paths on VC on basic components,if so how so?!

Thank You

Hi Jeffy,

You can fake it or predetermine it by using hidden conveyors. And you can use different speeds on the conveyors.


Hope this helps.

Hi Jeffy,

I think you need a bit more flexible for flight paths. In my opinion there are 2 options:

1.- Use vcVehicle - This video in academy explains it better http://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/create-a-vehicle/

2.- Move the component by creating yourself the interpolation of the object, similar to what the AVG library does.

The advantage of option #2 is that you will be able to control the movements, speeds and acceleration completely, comparing to option #1, where the acceleration/speed might be constrained during the movement between point and point. You will need to study a bit of python code though.




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Will you be able to explain the solution further?