Flashing when Works Human picks up part

Welcome everyone,

I am simulating a factory line using mainly works components.

I imported the CAD-file, which is an assembly of the complete line and added several tasks. Also I A human is used to pick up and place trays with feed and need tasks.

When running the simulation, every time the human picks something up, the complete layout fades to grey and back as you can see in the video. For some reason this only happens when the “picking human” is in the screen.

Another minor bug I ran into is, when I try to add a texture on a wall and select the “enable bitmap” box in the component properties texture settings of the wall, all my “glasses” or materials with opacity, lose their opacity.

Has anyone faced this issues before and might even have found a solution?

Big thanks in advance!

completi.mp4 (2.91 MB)