First part other process time

Hello, I am facing the following problem, I have 3 buffer places followed by stations 1 and 2.
My feeder runs into the buffer places, there the first 2 parts should run directly into station 1 and 2 and from this point on each part should spend 6 hours in the buffers.

When I start my simulation, I always have to wait 6 hours, but I would like to run only the first 2 parts directly so that I don’t have to wait.
I have tried it with an if condition and counter that the delay time is 6 hours if the counter is greater than 1, but that didn’t quite work, do you have any other ideas.

Thank you very much

which type of Puffer are you using?
If it’s just a TransportIn + Delay + TransportOut, it should work with a counter and If loop.
If it’s a buffer like the Floorspace Process Buffer or Warehouse Process Shelf with a Buffer statement, then you should define in the previous process, that the products should directly go to the next stations using the “GetFlowStep” and “SetNextFlowStep” statements.

Example_parts miss the buffer.vcmx (197.4 KB)