Fill the conveyor and then do other tasks


below you can see my process flow:
Products arrive as an assembly (stack of boxes) from the warehouse to FloorspaceBuffer. Then a person transports the stack to a supermarket (bumper) near the conveyor, and from this supermarket, a person then disassembles the stack and puts only the boxes on the conveyor.

A person transports a stack of boxes to a supermarket and puts only one box on the conveyor and then goes on to the next job. I need him to fill the entire conveyor and then go somewhere else.

Sounds like using the Reserve Resource functionality would be helpful.

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Thanks for the help.

I had to add more statements for filling the line when simulation starts and then disassemble quantity of boxes as needed following standard flow.

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Actually, simulation froze while human is trying to put second boxstack to the supermarket nodes. Any idea where is the problem?


Thank you for help.