Feeder that creates a pallet with items on

Hey im trying to create a pick and place robot in VC 4.6 with a Kuka robot using KukaOlp.
I need to have a feeder connected to a conveyor belt that carries a pallet with boxes.
The issue is, i can only get the feeder to send one component. And im at a loss how to get it sending a pallets with boxes on one feeder with one signal.
I’ve searched through a lot of YouTube videos and texts, but i simply cannot figure this out.
Anyone has any suggestions?

One way is to create a Process Modeling assembly product and feed that from a PM feeder, but I’m not sure if using that instead of just attached components will cause some issues with the KUKA OLP stuff.

Hey thanks a lot!
I managed via your key words to find some more guiding material, And got it to work via Process modeling assembly. If just attach the component and make it one part, the gripper will not pick up the item. But if i make an assembly, it works fine.

Any suggestions on how to make Basic Feeder only create pallet via signal, and not upon starting the simulation?

To create products via signal I think you will need to use a PM process which waits for the signal (WaitSignal statement) and then creates a product (Create statement), and then transports it out.
You can take the “Process Node” component from eCat and just modify its process to be like that.

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