Feeder in middle of process

Hi everyone,

I have run into quite a pickle with Visual Components and am really struggling to solve the issue. Do you guys have any suggestions?

I have an assembly that is distributed across two workstations where each workstation has its own buffer. I want the feeder to feed the products to the buffers on each workstation. It should then also transport the subassembly from the first workstation to the buffer of the second workstation. This means that the second workstation’s buffer would have all the relevant parts that it received from the feeder, as well as the subassembly from workstation 1.

After this, it should TransportIn the relevant products (i.e. 4 screws, 4 nuts, the bottom part and the subassembly) to be used in a process node for the assembly. However, right now it only TransportsIn the subassembly, but does not transport in the products in the buffer that came from the feeder.

I assume that I need to add the feeder into the middle of the process flow (I have tried putting it underneath ‘Process #1_9’, refer to screenshot 2 but this also doesn’t work).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I need to get this done asap for an assignment and nothing is really working.

Thank you so much for any help or advise you can provide.
Best, Leon

Screenshot 1:

Screenshot 2: