Feeder doesn't create component when conveyor speed is set to 0


I have this setup where I have a feeder that creates a pallet with boxes stacked on the pallet. For the simulation I need the feeder to create a component at the beginning of the conveyor and stand still (because of other signals that need to be present before the conveyor is allowed to run).

The conveyor speed that I recieve from the PLC is set at 0 because the conveyor should not move. The problem is that the feeder now doest create the pallet anymore. If i force the speed to anyting else than 0 it works.

Is it possible to get past this, or to recode a feeder so that it creates the pallet on a signal?

For anyone that can help me out with this, thanks in advance!


you can use a process node from eCat. create your own logic in this routine, for your use case something like this:


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Amazing, didn’t know that this was possible. Thanks!

Right now im getting this error. Im guessing it has to do with the path. Any idea what it could mean?

change destination in transportOut statement properties:


for better understanding about destination and sources in this statements:

Again thanks a ton, it all works now!