Feed specific products on signal in a ProductCreator


I want to experiment with assemblies and for this specific use case I need to produce different kind of assemblies and products. For example: assembly 1 uses block A and block C, while assembly 2 uses block B and block C. So sometimes I need a feeder to deliver block A and sometimes block B, this depends on signals. Since I am using assemblies I thought that I would need to use the ProductCreator instead of the ComponentCreator. However, I don’t understand how to program a ProductCreator. It misses a lot of functions compared to the ComponentCreator, like TemplateComponent of Create().

How do I program a product creator to do this:

def OnSignal
if signal == block A
create product block A

if signal == block B
create product block B

if …

Unfortunately the product creator API is not good, and the create() method is missing…
You could try to do this in a process using the Create statement. Combine the Create statement with Wait Signal, and If statements, and hopefully you can find a solution.

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into using processes for this.