Faster Feeding

Is there a way to adjust the feeder more quickly?
I would like to fill a shelf at the beginning of the simulation, but it is only filled one part at a time, it would be perfect if the whole shelf is full when the simulation starts.
I have already set the interpolating transport to 0.00001.
And it doesn’t get any faster in the feed settings via interval.

Thanks for all support.

Check buffer’s statement, there should be something like ParallelInputLimit, increase that number.


hey thanks for the quick reply, i have now set the input to 4 for all shelves, but still nothing changes?
Could it be due to the feeder, because the parts still fly individually and not all at once?

Could you upload the sample layout? It would be easier to check.

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Just to check : in your Feeder, did you set the time with a “,” or a “.” ?
In this component it doesn’t work with a “,”, so if you want to write 0,001s, you should write it “0.001”


ah perfect, this was the mmistake i made. Many thanks to both of you. =)