Fanuc Connectivity issue

Hello I was following the academy video to try to connect robo guide to Visual Components however it is not working.
when I got into the connectivity tab it does not find my robot controllers
I have roboguide running on the same machine. there wasn’t any more information on the video
so no idea where to start trouble shooting.

Thank You.


can you ping the control?



You also need license for Robot Server to enable the connection. Help file on 4.6 mentions the suitable options (PCDK or Robot Server).


Hello. What is new in the neighborhood?

Robot Neighborhood Discovery uses the same functionality as Fanuc Robot Neighborhood from which you can configure robot and its network location. If you do not have any robot defined in the neighborhood then you have to let the neighbors know.

My RoboGuide has dust on it, but testing showed in my PC that the robot server for the neighborhood was blocked by security.

Long story short, by default the IP address of robot in RoboGuide is your PC IP ( might also work with VRC). If you cannot directly connect to the controller then reinstall RoboGuide and try again.

Let us know if it works.


I have the same issue with a working Roboguide, robots seen on Robot Neighborhood and direct network address gives “No valid FANUC Robot Server runtime license found on this computer.” but I do have a Roboguide-Universal Licence.


Try reinstalling Roboguide and see if that works. I don’t know what a Roboguide-Universal License is, but it sounds like “the Fanuc way”