Failed Transport Out


I have an issue with a TransportOut process statement in PM while using Execute Routine as Robot Motion and the next process where the parts are transported to is just a buffer. There is a while loop with the condition that it is executed twice. Everything works fine and on the first run the TransportOut statement even works, but on the second run of the loop the process gets stuck on the TransportOut statement and I get the following output in the console:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File ‚ÄúRobotController::ResourceLogic‚ÄĚ, line 117, in OnRun
File ‚ÄúRobotController::ResourceLogic‚ÄĚ, line 1567, in execute_next_action
File ‚ÄúRobotController::ResourceLogic‚ÄĚ, line 157, in execute_pick
File ‚ÄúRobotController::ResourceLogic‚ÄĚ, line 723, in pick
File ‚ÄúRobotController::ResourceLogic‚ÄĚ, line 1218, in get_transport_data
AttributeError: ‚ÄėNoneType‚Äô object has no attribute ‚ÄėSource‚Äô

Thank you in advance.

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Hello Alexzier, can you show us your code so we can see what the problem is.

I experience a similiar issue where I get stuck on TransportOut after executing robot routine. As a workaround I’ve used an immediate (1 ms) interpolating transport to get TransportOut.

Not very elegant, but it kind of works in most cases. Would be great to know what I’m doing wrong though.

The Code is just the default Code of the PM robot controller.