Failed to establish TCP socket connection.


While creating the simulation for UR with RTDE Connection I’ve encountered the following error on the stage of connecting to the server:

Connection failed.

Following error and warning message(s) were received from the Connection Plugin:

[ERROR] Failed to establish TCP socket connection. Windows socket error code: 10060 (TimedOut).

Basicly, I just followed the video tutorial “Simulate Universal Robots with RTDE Connection”, so if there is any kind of solution or a thing to look at for solving that error?


My initial guess would be that your PolyScope is not set to connect to localhost or network.

When you click “Test Connection” does it tell you a connection is possible?

Is the controller running in PolyScope before you test and try to establish the connection?

In the tutorial, the eth0 nic is used, so the “inet addr” should be used.

I have the error message after clicking the “Test Connection”

The controller is running and I used the inet IP address.

Still didn’t find the solution, will appreciate any new suggestions.

I had the same problem. To solve it I had to change the settings in the VirtualBox: