Facing issues with KASTOwin A 3.3

Hi all,

I am facing issues using the KASTOwin A 3.3 saw machine, i am not aware how to use it, also very confused with cutting order and how that works.
I want the saw machine to cut 2500mm lenght, 256mm dia rod into 5 pieces of 500mm length
following are inputs i have given in the cutting order (not sure which dimensions is for which)
Please let me know if this is correct or needs to be changed. and also what else need to be done to make the machine work?
below are the error i am getting after running the simulation.

Hi Mohammed,
Thanks for checking the KASTOwin machine and reporting the issue.

That component is quite complex so I agree with you that it might be a bit tricky to use the first time working with it. Therefore I tried to squeeze some notes on how to use it in the component metadata when I modeled it. If you right-click on the component in the eCat and select metadata:

The machine has a button property “Create Product Types” that creates two template product types:
SSB (Solid Square Bar) and SRB (Solid Round Bar), and these are the only products that the machine accepts for cutting. This means that you need to create variations of these two product types only.
And regarding your cutting order, I guess “rod” would be SRB which has a round cross-section. So your order would look something like this:
Then we also need to change the incoming length and diameter in the product type editor so that the rods come in with length of 2500mm and diameter 256mm each:

The line just above the cutting order (starting with #) should say what the variables are:
SSB or SRB says the cross section geometry. Width and height made no sense for a rod, therefore we put 0 for them. Diameter is 256mm. Number of cuts is 5 pieces. And cut size for each piece is 500mm

And now regarding the error message. I checked and realized that I forgot to add one step to check if the incoming product is a variation of any of the two template product types. If it is anything else, it should now just pass through with a warning printed for using a wrong product:

I modified the component and it should now work so that if it receives a wrong product (not from any of the templates created by the machine), it just passes through the machine and does not throw python error messages.

Please find the modified version attached to this post. I will update the component in the eCat as well.
And regarding the steps needed to make the machine work, please check the metadata and see if they provide enough guidance, otherwise I’ll use your feedback to update the model.

Thanks again for the feedback and let me if this helps.

KASTOwin A 3.3_modified.vcmx (1016.4 KB)

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