Extract cartesian robot

This command allows you to extract any geometry as a cartesian robot in order to easier teach motions for any object in TEACH tab.

The steps to proceed are following:

  1. Download the zip file and extract it in MyCommands
  2. Restart the application or drag __init__ file to 3d scene
  3. Import any geometry and organise it if necessary
  4. Select feature to extract
  5. RMB on top of the feature tree
  6. Click Extract as cartesian robot
  7. Go to program tab to teach motions
  8. If necessary, separate the joints to own links
  9. If necessary, Set the limits and flange offset
There are two demo videos included too:
  1. How to extract the geometry as a cartesian robot
  2. How to organise the joints to links, set the limits and flange offset

ExtractCartesianRobot.zip (8.44 KB)

Demovideos.zip (4.12 MB)

  • Hello, can you help me realize the movements of this machine? Thank you1211.vcmx (18.7 KB) , * I don’t know how to implement functionality through plug-ins