External axis controlled with I/O


We have a custom made external axis that we control with I/O. So for DO1 it goes to first location, for DO2 it goes to second location … Is it possible to model that in Visual Components? All I´ve found was “real” external axes, where the robot incorporates it´s motion with the axis motion.


You want to send a signal to trigger the ext axis movement, and then get an input when the movement is done?

I demonstrated the working principle here: https://youtu.be/pQpY2KDO60E

It´s a bit blurry, but I hope it shows the working principle well enough.

We don´t have any sensors confirming the position right now, they are coming in the future, so I should also model that if possible.

It’s fine. Here is an example where the robot tells the servo to move. You could change this, of course, by connecting the servo’s signals to a controller or other component.

Test-Signal-Servo-Movement-with-Robot.vcmx (577 KB)

Awesome! Thank you!

One weird thing is that if I´m running it with the RTDE it´s just driving back and forth: https://youtu.be/mdUd62rAEWg. Any ideas why that might be?

When writing values to a signal map, the Connectivity feature doesn’t check that the signal has actually changed value. This results in the OnSignal event handler in zesty’s example to be called repeatedly on every value synchronization with the same “True” or “False” value. The example logic doesn’t seem to take that into account.

You have at least a couple of options:

  • Connect directly to the signals in the floor track, which would cause event filtering to happen in the Connectivity feature
  • Store the previous value for each signal in the script and filter there

Thank you TSy! Connecting directly to track signals did the trick.