Export to Video occurs problem when using Fly Camera


I’m trying to export to video using Fly Camera,however, the following screen appears.Have you encountered this situation?

It is known issue in 4.0.5. Should be fixed in 4.1.

OK. Thanks.

Hi zesty,

VC4.1 lisence is different from VC4.0 lisence, could I upgrade 4.0 lisence to 4.1 for free?

Upgrades are included in the maintenance contract. Please be in contact with sales@visualcomponents.com

They can check the maintenance status and provide you the new key.


You need an active/valid maintenance agreement.

  • If yes, it is a simple process of contacting VC to request the license. I believe the contact is licensing@visualcomponents.com
  • If no, buy a maintenance subscription and then request the license or buy a 4.1 license.
NB! 4.1 has a camera animator feature that allows you to create a program for animating camera movements, which can be saved with a layout. 4.0.5 does have API for creating this program, but same issue you are experiencing; won't work with video recording, so you need 4.1.

My friend, all is not lost. If you need to export to video, try using an external screen recorder like Camtasia ShareX to make the video. Remember, the F11 key will show the 3D world in presentation/full-screen mode.


Get it!

Thank you very much!