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Hello to Everyone :slight_smile:

For an university course I created a production line for a PET bottle-production in vc and exported now the 3ds file to Unity (we need to make a simulation). But here is the problem: The whole production line is now a group while in the hierarchy panel the file is seperated into 4629 (!) single objects. But I want to have 1 assembly for each machine in the production line. How can I export/import the vc file into Unity, so that each machine will be a single assembly in Unity?

Would be happy if someone can help me, I was pretty shocked when I saw 4629 items in the hierarchy :sweat_smile:

thx and greetings from Tallinn



why do you Export it to unity? → Just because the look?

By the way over a 3ds-file you loose everything (kinematic, simulation, …) without the geomtry!

Maybe there is a better way over the Blender-AddIn… :wink:


Hello :slight_smile: Thank you for the reply! We need to work with Unity, that’s why… Blender didn’t work at all, it seems that the newest version of Blender is not supporting the import of the 3ds format :frowning:


Dr. Google say: Unity - Manual: Importing Objects From Blender


Its gonna take a while but i would recommend to hide all components except one and export. Then repeat it for all components. As i said its gonna take a while but your layout is pretty small its not that hard in your case. Better then nothing.

HI ,
Again it’s time consuming but you can export to blender ( by usingAddon ) than you can convert all layout to fbx format . So your entire layout will become animation embedded asset for unity .

But you will loose all the benefits of Visual Components !!
if you need to integrate external libraries for different calculations I recommend to use .Net API instead of transferring to Unity. Building same layout with all functions and data output requires to implemente a lot of behaviour and do rigging for kinematics from scratch which I don’t recommend.

if you prefer this hard way you can send your layout as an obj format but you will get only geometries.

Unity directly runs the .blend file as long as blender is installed your pc .
Drawback: you will run the blend file and you cannot make any changes in your assets . it like playing video.