Experience file get's stuck on loading screen

Hi all,

I’m running into a problem using the visual components experience viewer.
This usually does not occur, but for one specific simulation whenever I make the experience file (VCAX) and run it with the viewer it just gets stuck on the following loading screen:

To give you a bit of an idea of the problem:

  1. I tried making a new experience file (VCAX), but this doesn’t fix it
  2. I’m not running into any problems while running the simulation in Visual Components itself (VCMX)

Could the file somehow be corrupt, or does anyone know if there is a fix for this?

Is it a specific simulation layout that has this issue, or with all layouts?
You could try creating a small test animation file and see if that opens. Then, if that works, you can try to determine if there is some certain component that causes the issue.

If nothing else works, contact the VC technical support with some example files.

Hello Este,

Thank you for your response!
Indeed, it is a specific simulation layout with which I’m experiencing this issue.
All other layouts do not have this problem.

Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of components in the simulation so it would be rather tedious to remove the components one by one to determine which one causes the problem.
But if this loading error is not a common issue I guess I would just have to go with that.