Executing a While Loop Robot Program using Process Modelling


I am trying to execute a looping robot program whilst using the process modelling tab.

I have tried to execute a routine using while loops, as so the components are placed in a pattern (see attached image of pattern in buffer). However, the program reverts to the first position every time, and places the next component in the first position, rather than moving to the next position.

As you can see from the image below, I want to line my components in a 4 x 2 pattern within the buffers on the table.

Please see the attached program and flow editor.

Would anyone know how to resolve this problem?

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In process modelling you don’t need to use while loops to pick all of the parts.
You use the work object defined by the process statement and process modelling takes care of the rest.

Would you be able to attach .vcax and I can show you?

Process Modelling - placing parts in a pattern.vcax (72.3 MB)

As you can see from the animation, I want to place 8 parts in the second buffer (the first buffer is for non-inspected parts and is fixed, however, the second is for inspected parts and the whole buffer will be transferred once it is full) the next part is placed in the same position as the first.