Execute Process on AGV product - Process Modeling


This is for a Process Modeling based layout:

I am working on a layout that involves an Automated Mobile Robot (AGV) to pick a product (Point A), take to an intermediate location to be worked on (Point B), and then finally dropped off at its final destination (Point C).

I am having a hard time with Point B. The way this should work is the AGV takes the product to Point B and does not drop off (Transport Out) the product. The AGV should hold the product for X seconds, and then take to Point C.

I have set up Point B as a process node. If I remove the “TransportIn” line item from the process, then no product is ever taken to the node. If I leave “TransportIn” in the process, then the AGV drops off the product and leaves the area.

Can anyone walk me through how I can get the AGV to take the product to this location and hold the product for a period of time before moving to the next process node? Ideally, I would be able to set up the “Work” process statement in the process tab to be executed by a human, rather than just a delay hold.


You could move the resource location for the AGV so that when the AGV drops the part in the process, the part position does not change.
To prevent the AGV from leaving after TransportIn, you can reserve the resource by sending a signal to the transport controller. Once finished, you can release the resource by sending another signal.

The PM Resource manual in VC Academy has more details on how this works.

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This worked perfectly! I did not know there were already embedded signal commands for controllers. Thank you very much