Execute a Robot-Routine


if try to execute a specific robot-routine via C#. -> Thereby the Simulation is already running.

The following code is already working, but the robot “jumps” to the statement…

What is the most efficient way to do this? The robot should execute the routine with no jumps:

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See these methods in IStatementExecutor
void SetProgramPointer(int statementIndex, IStatementScope scope);
void JumpToScope(IStatementScope scope);
bool ExecuteStep(bool immediate);

Saves my day! :sunglasses:

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Hy again,

another queston in this context.

If I Execute a Statement via “ExecuteStep(bool immediate)” the Events like:

rExecutor.StatementExecuted += RExecutor_StatementExecuted;
rExecutor.StatementExecuting += RExecutor_StatementExecuting;

fire emideatly not when the robot reaches his new position.

For recomendations I would be happy.

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That might be related to the need to execute few motion statements ahead of the actual motion for motion planning.

You may need to add “Set Binary Output” statements for signaling and use ISignalMap to get connected ISignal, which provides a SignalTrigger event.