Excel Link Manager


Hey all,

I’ve made an add-on that uses excel to manage the transport time properties of unique links.

Work flow

  1. Export layout link data to excel sheet
  2. Configure link data from excel sheet
  3. Import link data back into layout

How to install

Unzip to C:\Users\Documents\Visual Components\4.x\My Commands\

How to use

  1. In process tab, select “Link Manager”
  2. In Properties panel, export layout link data to excel using “Write Link Data”
  3. Open “LinkData.xlsx” from C:\Users\Downloads\LinkData.xlsx
  4. Configure link data to target values
  5. Save and close excel sheet
  6. Select “Load Link Data” to update link transport times for layout from excel sheet

LinkManager.zip (3.0 KB)


Dear friend!
Can it be changed on this to create a link from the excel sheet?

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Hey Tangtang!
I’m happy to add any improvements, but I’m not sure what you mean. Can you describe this link in more detail?

Dear friend!
For example, I create an excel sheet, import it into VC 4.8, and it can automatically create a process flow line. There is no need for us to create a process flow line manually.

@tangtang please can you tell how to create process flow line automatically with Excel?

@Ayodeji Please see this post: Auto Transport links and Sequences in PM - Extensions and Python Add-ons / Visual Components Add-on Samples - Visual Components - The Simulation Community

This should help. These could be used in tandem to achieve the desired functionality.

Thanks very much @ChuckViper

Hey guys, I’ve now taken the add-on I linked before and added that as functionality in the Link Manager which can now create/delete links in the layout. Please see below.

LinkManager_v1.1.zip (6.8 KB)