Event when resource starts Work statement


I’m trying to set the different states of a station during the different stages of the process.

How can I set the status of the machine to “Idle” when it’s waiting to the operator to arrive and start the Work statement? I was thinking on use signals and a script but I haven’t find any way to launch an event when the resource starts the operation.



One approach I have used is to divide the task into two work statements. The first Work statement has a duration of 0 seconds, so it just calls the operator to the machine. After this, you change the machine state and execute the actual work statement.

-Send Signal: “” to transport controller : ReserveResource
-Set State: Idle
-Work: 0.01 seconds
-Set State: Repairing
-Work: Actual working time
-Send Signal: “” to transport controller : ReleaseResource

The Send Signal statements are to ensure that the operator is reserved for this process so the operator does not leave after the first work statement.

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Thanks @Este! That was the first approach I tried to implement but I wasn’t able to reserve the resource, as I need it to work in different stations. Any ideas on how to do it?

I modified my previous answer with how to reserve a resource. I don’t think there is yet Academy tutorial for this. Hopefully one will be created soon.
The signal value that is sent is an empty string if you reserve to the sender process. Otherwise, use process name with double quotation marks.

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Thanks @Este you’ve made my day!

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