Error with white Ecatalog


My e-catalog do not work at my KUKA Sim Pro 3.0.5. It was working in the beginning but after a while it got white and its not possible to use the E-catalog, please see picture.

I also received two error message.

I use the software every day so I need to get it work.

Since KUKA haven’t come up with a solution and it is based on Visual Component product maybe someone here knows how to solve it ?


Error-massage-12.txt (4.33 KB)

Those errors look like they are just a symptom of some previous error that has prevented the eCat panel to load. The original error might be recorded in the VC error log file under appdata/local …

Have you tried reinstalling KUKA.Sim?

Thank you for you answer.
Yes I have re-installed the program, but still the same problem. If I go back to the old version I don’t have the problem.
I cannot find the error log. Do you know in which folder it should be in?
Do you have any other suggestion about what to try?