Error message for "Create" function [Works Library]

I want to start the line by having a create function at a work process component.

The created item on the work process component will later be moved to the other work process component

So far it works as intended, just that there is this little error message coming up at when I starts the simulation.

Works Process

Works Process #2



createfunction.vcmx (1.25 MB)


That error / notification message normally pops up when there is a Works process that is not spending time or there is a change that this may happen.

Loop without spending time should be avoided (e.g. just Create:Block:xxx) because this creates new boxes indefinitely with really short interval.

If this pops up and You are certain that this will not happen(like in Your case), You can ignore the message or put e.g. Delay:0.1 to the task.

Hope this helps.


I want to add a work process with a “if” function. I don’t really know how it’s supposed to be done… .and I have the same error message “process is not spending time”. The problem is that the process doesn’t do what I want so I can’t ignore the message…


Hi @kbqhs,

Check this forum thread for Works Task Reference Guide:

In the reference guide If-task is documented pretty well and it should help you.