Error in crossing conveyor

Hi everyone!
When attached to a user built parametric conveyor, the parts disappear in crossing conveyor. Is it a bug in component or am i doing something wrong.
I have included the model where I am facing this issue.
Looking forward towards the help from you all.
crossing conveyor error.vcmx (593.9 KB)

There is some weird interaction between the red conveyor and the crossing conveyor.
If you go to the Advanced properties and set RetainOffset to False, the parts flow ok. It also works ok to add a fresh conveyor from the eCatalog between the red and crossing conveyors.

Based on this, I suspect there is something in the script of the red conveyor or the ControlScript in the crossing conveyor that causes the malfunction.

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Hi @kshitiz

We got another report of a similar issue and decided to revert some changes we made to the crossing conveyor recently. There was an unintended side-effect related to the Flow Proxy RetainOffset property.

We will continue to monitor this. The update should now be live in the latest eCatalog, but I shared the crossing conveyor model here for your convenience.

TwoWayCrossingConveyor_new.vcmx (136.8 KB)
Hope it helps.