Error Code: manifest file

Hello guys
I have an error code like this:

Reading model from file: Z:\xxxxxxxxxxxx.vcmx
Could not open manifest file for reading

Does anyone know what this means and how to recover the project i made?

Hello Ozan,

Your VCMX-file might be corrupted.

You can use the latest backup file that you manage to open and continue your work from there. If you get a message in the output window while opening the layout:

Unable to install component

It means that the component is not in your library and not saved in the layout, either. In that case, You can use any other backup file of the same layout that you have saved including the components to restore the components: Just open the layout, save the components in your library, close the layout and then open the latest backup again.

Hello Ahven

Unfortunately its not like that.
Its not opening the fine completely, not like missing components situation.
I tried to replace some files in vcmx, from my working backup file also via winrar but didnt fix the problem. So i gave up and started doing all over:)