End-of-arm-tool with pick-and-place and positioning

I attached a 15-second video of a Case Packaging System application. After the robot picks up the four boxes, the suction cups move outward to create a space in the middle. I have been unable to get the pair of boxes to move with the side motion of the suction cups. I also added positioner functionality in addition to pick-and-place, but the boxes won’t move.

Because the boxes are attached to axis6, not the suction cups. Before move the suction cups, attach boxes to each moving joint of the suction cups.

Update, it seems that you only need to set TCP as suctions cups’ child node, here is the sample file, since you have 2 different motions, I assume you will need to setup 2 TCPs.

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Thank you for your quick reply the other day. I couldn’t immediately respond, as I was receiving help from Visual Components technical support. Part of their solution did involve the TCP’s.