Enable to use 'stopMovement' in the pythonscript

Good Day.

I made a customizing conveyor by using the modeling tap and used a physics feeder existing eCatalog.
Also, I loaded a component customized on the feeder.
And then I made up for model a physics conveyor which is in VC academy You Tube video.
Up to here, there is no problem.
By the way, the problem is stopping the components on the conveyor when I use a Volume Sensor with python script (‘stopMovement’).

I tried to follow the video(Model a Volume Sensor) but it didn’t work.

  1. In pythonscript, “sensor.DetectionContainer.Enabled = False”
    → It worked. (But I don’t want to stop the conveyor due to next components)

  2. In pythonscript, “sensor.ComponentSignal.Value.stopMovement()”
    → It didn’t work.

I’m just suspecting the customizing component or conveyor.
Please, tell me how to solve it.

I think stopMovement function only works in “non-physics” one-way and two-way paths
If you use a physics path then the part movement is controlled by the physics engine.