Empty the box & reusing the same with process modelling

Manual V3 - process modelling-robotics V.2.vcmx (4.5 MB)

Hi All,
We want to create a scenario using Process Modelling.

  1. I have 3 types of SKUs(Blue,Green & Red)
  2. Originally, the box comes with 9 units of same SKU.
  3. An operator picks the box from the pallet, empty the box and put all 9 units in the conveyor
  4. Same with for other two SKUs.
  5. So, for three different SKUs there are 3 conveyors perpendicular to the main line.
  6. Once the box is emptied, the operator brings the same carton, to the main line.
  7. In that box, cobots put 3 units of each 3 SKU in the box.
  8. So, my final product would be the box with 9 units, (3 units of each 3 SKUs)

Unfortunately I am not able to achieve this objective of empting the box & reusing the same with process modelling.

Can someone please help with layout attached or send sample model?


Should be possible by:

  • Create 1 pallet (box / container / whatever) with a create statement in a process, call it e.g. CreatePallet
  • Create the 9 products one-by-one from a feeder
  • Transport the 9 products to CreatePallet using TransportPatternIn. This can happen in e.g. 1 second total.
  • Use attach statement to attach the 9 products to the pallet
  • Optionally use transportout statement to move the pallet + products to some other process
  • Use TransportOut with a suitable filter to have operator take away the 9 products one by one
  • Use TransportOut with a suitable filter to have operator take the pallet to the line
  • Repeat

The pallet will then need to have a suitable flow defined for it.