Empty eCat

Some of the eCat entities are empty inside the list. For instance the Kuka IIWA or UR5 model are not available.

Are these entities not available in essentials for now?

It is probably due to the update of the components. When the software launches an eCatalog updater is also launched. The updater downloads the new updated components in the eCatalog. During this process the folders in the eCatalog may show up as incomplete.

To manually force the update you may launch the updater from the installation folder:

C:\Program Files\Visual Components\Visual Components Essentials 4.0\VisualComponents.eCatalogue.UpdateWebCat.exe

Thanks. Something went wrong with the update. The filesize of every file in the /eCatalog4.0 folder was only 7kB big. After I’ve deleted the folder the autoupdate pulled correctly the robot models.

Even after manually updating, I can’t seem to access the entire eCAT library present on: eCatalog - Visual Components

Any suggestions?
(For reference: I’m using the premium version)

Do you have the latest version of VC, version 4.3?
Each major version has its own eCat and new components are not added to older versions.