EGP coact gripper range on library?

Hey everyone,

I know this is complicated to maintain a library up to date, but I’m looking for a cobot EGP-coact gripper,
this range of EGP collaborative electric grippers from schunk (manufacturer).
As far as I know, they are more and more used on the market, particulary in the new “cobot world”.

I don’t have the modeling feature on my VisualComponent’s version, so i can’t anime it.
Is anybody has did this work to integrate it onto VC ?
Also, do you know if VC prevent to update the library with schunk products ?

Instead of that I can only bring a gripper close to that model in terms of geometry…

I wish you all, a nice day.

Anyone ?
Is there any way to request modelising this gripper to VisualComponent ?

Can you try with some other Schunk gripper, there are few others in library? Most of them use the same finger principle.

yes you are right for the “principle”.
But it is just a matter of marketing if our saleman want to send an example video to our customer with the right equipment.