ecatalog with kukasim 3.0


i am sorry for this question but i cant find any answer.
i am currently using kuka sim layout 3.0 (base on visual components 4.0.x) and i want to know if its possible for me to get access to the ecalalog (with 2000 components )? Because i just have a small one and with the layout version, i am not able to create new components so its a bit hard.
Does the works library is a part of it ? or is it something additional ?
I have the feeling that there is a lot of additional content but i dont know how to get it or if i have the right to get it :).
thank you
Best regards

Please contact KUKA support for questions relating to KUKA products.

KUKA Sim software was built on the Visual Components platform and has many similarities. Nevertheless, KUKA and Visual Components have independently developed their own libraries of components and each company only supports own library. If you want to get access to the Visual Components eCatalog with 2200 components of 50 brands then we will be glad to provide more information about our licenses.