Easy Spot Add-On revisited


This Easy Spot add-on is a new version of the Spot welding tool that allows you to create Spot welding programs for robots. New version is a bit more streamlined and contains some new features to the old one that can also be found on this forum. Attachments contain the add-on, instruction pdf and a test layout.


EasySpot_1R.vcmx (807 KB)

EasySpot.pdf (478 KB)

EasySpot-1.zip (12 KB)

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Hey There Great add-on just one thing I’m having issues with. when I connect a robot transport conrtoller to the robot the spot addons do not move the guns axis. that is to say the robot goes to the correct position for the spot command but the gun doesn’t close. If I get rid of the robot transport controller it starts to work again. this is sometimes an inconvenience since I would like to control some robots with a transport controller but still show the gun motion. am I doing something wrong or is this a normal limitation of this addon. any information would be appreciated


Hi @CarlosPlazas,
If I use the RunRobotRoutine from the ProcessModeling library, the joint in the gun moves just fine.
How are you trying to use it ?

There are bugs in the add-on still that may cause gun to not move. I should take another look at this add-on to test it even further and fix those bugs.


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Hey I also try to use it with the RunRobotRoutine but it doesnt move
I think it might have to do with the fact that I am using those robots with for a transportOut
transportIn task

Or maybe the fact that I am using my own model for the sport gun that I built not the standard one in the library.

I have found that sometimes the motion was working and then all of the sudden it stops working.
even without using a robot transport controller.

I saw keke’s reply thank you for a pretty great add on it is a bit buggy like you mentioned however it is still proven to have bee quite usefull for me already. I hope you do revisit it and work out some of the kinks. this is fucntionality I use almost every day on every line. haha we do alot of spotwelding for automation.

so thanks again for agreat addon If you updated please let me know haha.

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