Dominos creator

I saw Mario shape dominos video on YouTube, and it seems quite challenging to set it up manually. It would be cool if we can use VC to set it up automatically, here it is. It’s recommended to keep the pixel count relatively low to avoid super long processing time.

DominosCreator.vcmx (21.8 KB)


You are a legend

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I updated the creator a bit, so that the material works with Blender also.
In the original version, all materials are black, i think this has to do with the fact that only the Ambient was set but not the diffuse. But not 100% sure, however, with this code, it will work out-of-ze-box :slight_smile:

(This is only the creator, you still need the domino from the original layout)

DominosCreator.vcmx (11.2 KB)

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I get a error massage. Whats wrong ?

2 possibilites

  1. “Domino” property of DominosCreator is not selected
  2. “Domino” component is missing

DominosCreator clones Domino component for each pixel, so if Domino property is not assigned or Domino component is missing, DominosCreator does not know to clone which component as single domino.

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Thank you. Now it works, I had to change the properties from Length_X & Widh_Y to DominoX & Y.


But how i get the Domino Effekt? .

Download this file Mario_Small.jpg
Assign ImageFile to this file, then click create and start simulation