Doesn´t detect physics collider when speed is given to the path

Hi everyone,

I have been working on a drum turning device in order to turn plasterboard over. As it can be watched in the videos below, when the machine is in the start position the plasterboard goes from start to finish with no issue. But when the machine is turned (second video) it does not detect the rollers and falls trough them. So when I simulate all together, once the plasterboard is turned, when the speed of the path increases it falls through the rollers and gets stuck there.

How are physics applied:

  • Base: has a kninematic entity with no collider
  • First Joint (rollers and drum): each row of rollers (upper and lower ones) have their own precise collider and the drum has no collider
  • Second Joint: the pushers have their own precise collider

I am attatching the file at the end of this post if anyone could find any solution it would be much appreciated.

The pyramids are buttons for simulation,

  • 0: stops the motor of the rollers, I use it to stop the plasterboard in the middel of the machine
  • 1: some pushers compress the plasterboard against the rollers
  • 2: the drum turns 180 degrees
  • 3: the pushers return to initial position
  • 4: restarts the motor of the rollers and here is where the plasterboard falls through the rolers

Program file:
DrumTurningDevice.vcmx (5.8 MB)

Videos: (5.3 MB)

I have tried creating a block and giving it a box collider but doesn´t work either (see image below)

NOTE: It only breaks when the pyshics path gets triggered. If its speed is 0 the plasterboards doesn´t fall through.

Any advise would be much appreciated.