Distribution behind the failure percentage value

For my Bachelor’s thesis I need to know:

What is the distribution behind the failure percentage value that can be integrated into the machine?

If you mean the PM components like this, you can set the distribution yourself.

Thanks for the information. But as I understand this refers to the duration of the error.

What is not clear to me is how do you determine the chance of the error occurring?

MTBF = Mean Time Before Failure. You can set a constant value or distribution on how often the failure occurs.

MTTR = Mean Time To Repair, how long does it take to repair the machine.

Expand distribution drop-down list, you will see different type of distribution, constant, uniform, weibull, etc, and notice that in simulation world, random is not real random, it’s pseudo random.

Thank you, I have understood that so far.

Currently, I can specify after how many cycles or after witch time the error occurs.
Is it also possible to enter a percentage value, for example that the system has a failure probability of 3%?

You can open the process routine and add your own logic there. I made an example with a uniform 3% chance of failure.

You can also use other distributions. See the Help file: Expressions - Functions - Random Stream.

failtest.vcmx (1.7 MB)


Thanks for the quick help Este, that helps me a lot.

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Hi Este, maybe you can help me with another problem.

I would like to integrate the failure function of the Prametric Vertical Mill into my own Process Node. So that I can enter the MTTR and MTBR values there.

Is this possible? If so, can you tell me how? or can you send me a file where this is integrated?

This would be very helpful for my work. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

If you have VC professional or Premium, you can add new properties and behaviors to your components that enable the functionalities you need.

Some years ago I created a “Failing Wizard” that automatically adds these functionalities to a process node. It’s not perfect but should work.
FailingWizard.zip (4.8 KB)

It’s a python addon, so extract the zip to your “My Commands” folder in C:\Users%USERNAME%\Documents\Visual Components\4.7\My Commands

Then restart VC, and the wizard should appear in the Wizards menu in the modeling tab.
To use the wizard:

-Select a component with a transport node and a process
-Run the addon
-Start simulation
-Reset simulation
-Re-compile the FailureHandler behavior (by opening the script adding a new line, and saving)
-Add desired values for MTBF and MTTR on the Failure properties

Let me know if it still works.


Thank you very much Este, it worked.
That’s exactly what I was looking for.

If I have another question I’ll come back to you, you’re genius.

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