displayPropertyDialog in 4.0


On Visual Components 2014, i use displayPropertyDialog for display a screen for select parameters. But this fonction work on 4.0 but don’t display a screen, simply display a tab at the right pane.

Do you have a fonction in 4.0 that made the same think ?



If you compare the “Application.py” python script files inside the vcHelpers folder of each installation path, you will notice that the functionality of the method “displayPropertyDialog” had been changed to use the method “executeInActionPanel” which is new in 4.0. Because of that change you won’t get a return value by from that method, unlike to 2014.

Therefore you have different possibilites how you could start the processing of the set parameters. One option would be to use a “Non-Modal Dialog Box” or a “Modal Dialog Box” and add a property of type VC_BUTTON to start processing, by assigning the method which should be called to the OnChanged event of the button.

If you want your parameteres to be entered in a seperate window, you will probably need to accomplish that by using .NET, as far as I know, because I don’t think, that it’s possible to setup the method “executeInActionPanel” to show the panel as a floating one.