Display statistics in 3D world


Anyone has idea about displaying statistics information in 3D world? like in statistics dashboard can we display in 3D world so that while recording the information can be visible.



I haven’t used it yet, but I bookmarked the tutorial on the VC Academy site.
Also I saw this in the Webinar, that they displayed “Parts/Hour” in the 3D world.

Display ID of part in Process.

Let me know if this helps you and I understood your question right.



Thanks for the reply. The video link shows displaying part ID in 3D world using the standard statistic component, but want to display the line/area chart in 3D layout. For example we see in statistics dashboard (Line chart, area chart). Please let me know if I am able to convey my question correctly.

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You could check the Statistics components, https://academy.visualcomponents.com/lessons/ecatalog-statistics-components-an-overview/


Maybe it is an option to use the barchart in the statistics folder.
I don’t think it is possible to visualize the whole statistic …