Disassembly and assembly sets


I need your help to solve one disassembly mash.

Step 1:
I need to transport stack of four boxes from warehouse (node #1). Inside each box I have stack of 3 trays. I need to deliver that stack of boxes near to asembly station (supermarket = node #2). Inside this supermarket I need to take out tray by tray and create stack of eight trays in workstation (node #3). In the meanwhile when I’m taking out the trays, I’m generating empty boxes (every third taken tray) which I need to put away somewhere (node #4).

Step 2:
When I have stack of 8 trays in workstation, put some delay to simulate consumtion time of the products inside the trays. After that delay, I’ll have stack of 8 empty trays which I need to put back inside the box in a same ration as were taken out = 3 trays per box.

Thank you for advices.

Hi, you should have a look at the Academy videos and the eCats Layout Templates

Alright, I managed to do it (somehow), but I’m getting a headache while constructing process flow. With current layout process get blocked in “box+trays assemblying” node.

Any advices?

boxstack_assy.vcmx (54.2 KB)